Catwoman kills Batman villain in new comic

Tom King continues to bring countless interesting twists and turns to the history of DC Comics’ most beloved characters. Now in the latest issue of Batman / Catwoman, we saw Catwoman kill the Joker with her own claws, ending Bat’s great nemesis after Bruce Wayne’s death.

The Siege of Batman and Catwoman featured three different time periods. The story is told showing the past, present and future of Gotham. In Batman / Catwoman # 2 (via CBR), Selina decides to end the Town’s Crime Clown, thus ending one of the most intense chapters of her life.

Selina Kyle and Aged Joker

We found out that after old Bruce Wayne died of terminal cancer, the Catwoman came out of retirement to visit an asylum. There, she meets an old Joker, who is still scary, and reveals that she is there to kill him, to get revenge for what he did to Andrea Beaumont.

How does the Joker die?

Readers still don’t know what happened, but apparently the crime clown was responsible for the dire consequences for Gotham, something terrible that involved Andrea and his alter ego Phantom. And that’s what motivates Selina to visit the villain.

Prepared for the attack, Joker tries to get a weapon he hid in his fridge, but Selina is faster. With a precise movement, the Catwoman cuts her throat with her own claws, proving that her age has not diminished her lethality.

Catwoman cuts Joker’s throat

In doing so, Selina reveals that she was with Bruce until the end. In his final moments, Batman asked the Catwoman to swear that she wouldn’t seek revenge and that she would try to be good, but apparently the anti-heroine’s thirst for revenge was greater than her. promise. The final scene involving the Joker at HQ shows the holy villain at Selina Kyle’s feet.

What did Joker do to Andrea Beaumont?

Details of what the Joker did to Andrea Beaumont have yet to be revealed as the story unfolds. All we know so far is that the Crime Clown lured Andrea’s son to Gotham, promising to reunite him with his mother. Apparently, it was the villain’s plan to wreak havoc, as Batman and Catwoman find the boy’s corpse in the sewers of Gotham.

The pain of the discovery leads Andrea to reincarnate the Phantom and it seems to have had terrible consequences, which should directly affect Selina Kyle’s life.

It should be remembered that in the past Joker had already caused problems for Andrea, being responsible for the murder of the character’s father.

Who is Andrea Beaumont and Ghost?

Andrea Beaumont first appeared in the 1993 animated film Batman: The Phantom Mask, being one of the characters who first appeared in an adaptation and only appeared later in the comics. . It was established that Andrea was a former girlfriend of Bruce Wayne, who was also seeking revenge on the Joker.

Acting as an “angel of death,” the character spares no effort to get what she wanted, leaving a trail of death wherever she goes. In the comics, Phantom acted like a hitman, carrying out Amanda Waller’s orders. Recently, the character has risen to prominence again in the hands of Tom King, playing an important role in the Batman / Catwoman story that began to be published recently.

Ghost first appeared in the Batman animated film

So what did you think of the villain’s ending?

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