Capcom confirms official height of villainous Lady Dimitrescu

When Capcom decided to open the game on Resident Evil: Village, the next major iteration of the franchise, it didn’t expect the new villain – Lady Dimitrescu – to become the internet’s big darling. To thank the affection of the fans, Capcom decided to answer the question that does not want to be silent: after all, how tall is this gigantic vampire?

Contrary to what fans have speculated, Lady Dimitrescu is officially 2.9 meters tall! In other words, with all the essentials for a terrifying villain: an expensive hat and high heels.

Before confirmation, more dedicated players attempted to calculate the character’s height by comparing his height with the architecture of the castle shown in the promotional images. They had deduced that the vampire must be about 2.5 meters tall, but the reality exceeded all expectations.

The impeccable posture helps to project the strength of this giant vampire.

The official statement was posted on the franchise’s Twitter by game art director Tomonori Takano. He took the opportunity to thank for the affection of fans spread around the world. The response from the public has been overwhelmingly positive especially after the release of the “Maiden” demo on PlayStation 5.

Before the release of the final version, another demonstration was promised for other platforms. Will we have yet another striking appearance from Lady Dimitrescu? Be sure to comment!

Resident Evil Village is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC on May 7.

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