Bridgerton becomes Netflix’s most-watched series

There is nothing for anyone, Bridgerton is the most watched series of all time on Netflix! According to Deadline, the adaptation of Julia Quinn’s books, showing a classic novel, gossip, and extremely charismatic characters has become a cultural phenomenon.

Bridgerton not only surpassed projections made by the streaming platform, he became a huge record. The series has been watched (partially or completely) by 82 million households worldwide, 19 million more than Netflix expected. The production was so successful that it reached # 1 for most viewed content in 83 countries, including Brazil, and reached the top 10 in virtually every country in which Netflix is ​​available.

To celebrate its success, Netflix released a thank you video showing fans’ participation on tiktok:

By comparison, Bridgerton’s success means the project is a far cry from runner-up The Witcher, who in the first 28 days hit the 76 million mark. Netflix’s acclaimed miniseries Gambito da Rainha amassed 62 million, while Lupine had 70 million, being the platform’s biggest recent success.

Unparalleled success, Bridgerton has become the most watched series on Netflix!

Last week, Chris Van Dusen, who created the series, commented on Bridgerton’s renewal for the second season:

“I think the show really gives audiences an incredible escape at a time when it was needed. Bridgerton is a colorful, vibrant and warm love story; it is about romance, love and joy; I think all of these themes are the universal themes that people respond to. ”

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