Boruto meets Ao in intriguing scene from new anime episode

In its most recent episodes, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations adapts the Vessel Arc and brings a lot of sensational stuff straight from the manga. And now we have the return of Ao, who meets Boruto and his team on a train, in an intense moment that may dictate the direction of the conflict that will follow.

In the 182nd episode of the anime, we see Boruto and Team 7 take Katasuke on a train to work in a lab with Naruto’s new prosthetic arm. There, they meet Ao, who had already been brought back to the anime in a previous episode that showed some of his involvement in World War Four Ninja. Here, Ao appears and even threatens Boruto’s life.

Check out the scene below:

The scene starts off pretty dramatic but ends up getting less intense as Ao shows that he just wanted to explain how any tool can be turned into a weapon by the user. However, we have found that the shinobi has a very important connection to Kara which changes the tone of the story and shows how he can become a great opponent in the future …

Ao has big mysterious plans …

For those who don’t remember, Ao was a shinobi from Hidden Mist Village who was even part of his country’s search team. The character was introduced in Naruto Shippuden, but now returns as a member of Kara. In the manga, he even has his own arc thrown just during that encounter on the train, which leads to more significant events in the future.

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