Blade to star at new Marvel event

Recently, Marvel announced the return of the Heroes Reborn event, which originally released in the 90s and was very controversial among fans. Although initially the publisher didn’t reveal anything about the plot or the characters involved, the event has now received a trailer that says more about its premises in addition to the question “What is it?” Happened to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? “, Posted with the ad.

In the event, Blade will take on a leading role, being the only character who remembers what the world should be like, as we see a reality the Avengers never existed in (ComicBook). Blade awakens in this version of the world, where Earth’s mightiest heroes are the Supreme Squad, the team tasked with protecting the planet, battling multiple villains, including Thanos himself.

Blade will be the main protagonist of this event!

In this universe, Tony Stark never built the Iron Man armor, Thor is an atheist who despises hammers, Wakanda is considered a myth and Captain America remains trapped in ice, since the Avengers do not exist. to find it. You can find out more about the event in the trailer below:

Who will take charge of the event will be the duo of writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness, the team behind the Avengers today. Aaron commented on the new press event, saying:

“This may be the craziest story I have ever put on paper. I was able to act without restrictions and let go of my inner child created by the comics in a very deep way, and with a group of very creative artists, we built a world that I’m sure I say is quite different from any version of the Marvel Universe that you have ever seen. It was born out of the Avengers pages I wrote, but it just kept getting bigger and bigger over time, and the more pieces I put together for this Reborn world, the more satisfied and excited I got. This project really fueled the flames of my love for comics in all good ways.

Editor-in-Chief Tom Breevort also commented on the event, saying it was a natural progression from the work Aaron and McGuiness had done previously:

“It’s only natural that after the Phoenix sets the world on fire, there has to be a rebirth, and so Reborn is the next big step in the massive super-story Jason and Ed have created in Avengers.” . Prepare to step into a very different and yet surprisingly familiar Marvel universe. “

Artist Ed McGuiness said it was a pleasure to design everything Aaron included in Reborn Heroes:

“I love doing the designs and drawing new versions of old favorites that Jason Aaron put on the table. Each has a purpose in the story, which makes them very cool from an artistic point of view from the start. He is perhaps the craziest scientist of all!

The first volume of Heroes Renascem will be released in the United States in May of this year.

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