Black Widow launches new comic book uniform

Warning: spoiler alert!

Being discreet is the key to espionage. Perhaps this is why Black Widow, the most famous spy in the Marvel Universe, isn’t known to look out of the ordinary. However, that slowly changes in the heroine’s new phase in the comics. In Black Widow # 5, Natasha makes her debut with a new uniform (via ComicBook).

Style and subtlety

The change in appearance was believed to reflect the character’s new essence. If previously she was best known for her machinations and political intrigues, she will now be a vigilante with much more personal reasons for facing crime.

Designed by Elena Casagrande, her new uniform combines the classic identity established by John Romita and reinforced by Chris Samne with urban touches designed to facilitate underhanded missions in a cosmopolitan setting.

The new identity of the Black Widow, by Elena Casagrande

Besides the red lines – the result of the use of advanced technology – what attracts the most attention in the new look is the hood, which not only makes the heroine even more elegant, but also makes it easy to pass unnoticed in large crowds. .

The new origin of Natasha Romanoff

Everything is turned upside down in Black Widow’s new phase. For starters, she was brainwashed by a mysterious villain and continued to live with a new family – with her husband James and their son Stevie. However, the two end up dying in a large explosion and Natasha vows revenge.

She teamed up with Yelena Belova, Bucky Barnes (the Winter Soldier) and Clint Barton (the Hawkeye) to hunt down the bad guys who were chasing her. The raid was a success, but the situation with his family still weighed heavily.

In fact, his family is not dead.

She misses her son, but Natasha’s husband knows she did what was right.

It was quite a plan to make them safer, away from Natasha. With great regret, she decides to continue her life as a heroine. But not as someone looking for revenge, but as a vigilante fighting to make the city a safer place for James and Stevie.

And that’s how the new Black Widow was born.

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