Black Panther has lost his biggest asset in a new comic

Warning: spoiler alert!

Black Panther will face one of his biggest comedic challenges to date – a battle against multiple heroes for the right to welcome the Phoenix Force. The King of Wakanda will have to work hard if he wants to win (via ScreenRant). This is because the Phoenix Force has removed one of its greatest powers: its ancestral bond.

Every Marvel fan knows the skills of the Black Panther. Far beyond the cutting edge, almost magical gadgets developed in Wakanda, T’Challa has a physical conditioning that borders on the superhuman and blessing of Bast, the panther goddess.

Above all, his big map up his sleeve is all the strategic and intellectual heritage derived from his link with Djalia. However, the Phoenix Force couldn’t help but feel threatened by this connection to the spiritual plane, as it would defend T’Challa from its growing influence.

In the Avengers preview # 41, we saw that the Phoenix Force somehow severed T’Challa’s relationship with his ancestors. With this, the entity intended not only to diminish the Pantera’s abilities in combat, but to attack her state of mind. The Phoenix Force wanted to strengthen their superiority over T’Challa. By his will, he couldn’t see his people, even if he wanted to.

Will T’Challa, without the advice of his ancestors, be able to resist the dark temptation of the Phoenix Force? Does he still have what it takes to be victorious? It’s still early for guesswork, but we hope your connection with Djalia will be re-established when this is all over.

But after all, what is Djalia?

The spiritual plane in the movies.

Djalia is a plane distinct from ours where the memory and collective wisdom of all those who preceded the Black Panther reside. It is the place where the wise kings of Wakanda can impart their teachings to the current holder of the throne. In the comics, that titular is always T’Challa. While there is no clear confirmation, it’s possible that Shuri will receive this cloak in the movies.

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