Black Cat wields the Infinity Gauntlet as a preview of the new HQ

Marvel Comics is gearing up to kick off a major event this Northern Hemisphere summer. The saga is called Infinite Destinies (Infinite Destinations, in free translation) and connects directly to some events that have occurred in recent years. However, until we get there, there is a long way to go – and there we will see the Black Cat searching for all the Infinity Stones.

At least, that’s what the preview of Black Cat # 8 shows us. The magazine has a very suggestive cover, which shows the thief wielding the full Infinity Gauntlet. This probably won’t happen inside the edit, as it’s a publisher’s tactic to attract curious readers. Still, the plot will deal directly with that, as Felicia Hardy has a new assault on her mind.

According to magazine editor Nick Lowe, it will be a total change of direction for the villainous / anti-heroine title: “The first year [de publicação da revista] from Black Cat, she stole some of the most powerful heroes on the planet. This year, she will steal the most powerful things in the Universe!

Check out the coverage below:

On the cover, we see Felicia Hardy wielding the Infinity Gauntlet.

A preview of the magazine has also been released, where we can see the Black Cat fighting none other than Nick Fury. This entire arc will lead directly to the Infinite Destinies saga, where the focus will be on the human hosts of the Infinity Stones. This saga will be published through eight annual editions which will be launched in June 2021.

Black Cat # 8 features scripts by Jed Mackay and in-house artwork by CF Villa. The magazine will be released on June 2, 2021 in the United States, but there are no plans for publication in Brazil.

Check out the magazine previews below:

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