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WandaVision has come in force to give more space to two of the most underrated characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Scarlet Witch and her robotic partner, Vision. In particular, the symptomoid is a very important and relevant figure to the Avengers in the comics, bringing in-depth discussions of life, humanity, and heredity.

The character was created in the pages of The Avengers # 57, by the hands of Stan Lee, Roy Thomas and John Buscema, initially as the child of one of the team’s most dangerous villains until that he becomes a glorious member of the Avengers, giving it all in the battlefield and proving that an “android” can cry too. So, in this article, we commit to exploring a little bit more about Vision!

What is a symptom?

If you’ve ever researched Visão, you must have come across this term, which is used to refer to the character’s “species”. For many, the hero is a normal android, made of inorganic matter like any robot – but not quite. A symptomoid is, in a very basic way, an artificially created humanoid, but with materials that simulate human organs and tissues.

The first symptom of Marvel Comics was the original human torch, a robot created by Dr. Phineas Horton during World War II. An innovative creature, he thought like a human being and had extremely realistic characteristics, but he was made of inorganic matter that simulated the physical structure of a human.

This connection with the original human torch is very important as it is revealed to us later that the vision is created from a temporal duplication of the character. His body is, roughly enough, built on Jim Hammond’s replica (the alter ego of the original human torch), retaining many of the physiological characteristics of the original symptom.

Another important point regarding the symptoms are their sources of energy: they automatically recharge from solar energy, which is why in the comic, Visão has a jewel on his forehead (which in the movies, has another meaning and function).

Who created Visão? And how was it created?

Ultron was a great enemy of the Avengers, having done a lot to try to destroy the team. The monstrous killer robot was created by Hank Pym at a very dark time in his life, unaware that his “son” would turn on him and his allies. Months after its creation, the android devised a terrible and glorious plan to end Earth’s Mightiest Heroes once and for all.

For this, he kidnapped scientist Phineas Horton and made him touch the body of the original human torch (not knowing that it was a duplicate from another timeline). Before killing Horton, Ultron forced him to paint the body of his creation scarlet red, in addition to altering the components of the robot’s body, which is why the Vision did not have thermokinesis powers, like the original human torch.

To complete the process, Ultron “installs” in the mind of his creation the brain diagram of Simon Williams, Magnum, a former Avengers villain who was presumed dead at the time. Once “alive,” the symptoid was sent to take on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but imbued with his own conscience, he ended up turning on his creator and becoming a hero alongside the other Avengers.

A curiosity here: who baptized Visão was actually Vespa (wife of Hank Pym). When the symptomoid was sent to attack him, Janet Van Dyne almost passed out, but described Ultron’s creation as “a supernatural and inhuman sight”. The name stuck and we know it today.

What are the powers of Vision?

Remember Ultron asked Dr. Horton to change the tissue composition of the original human torch to create Vision? Well, basically what happened is that Visão acquired the ability to reduce or increase the density of his own body, instead of the ability to ignite like the original robot. .

That way, it can be as hard and tough as a diamond or as light and brittle as a feather. This ability allows him to fly, in addition to overcoming solid barriers leaving the density of his body untouched (as well as, for example, the Kitty Pryde of the X-Men). This power also guarantees super strength and superhuman resistance against projectiles and other types of attacks.

Thanks to the jewel on its forehead, it is also able to absorb solar energy, something that is typically used to continuously recharge it, like a live battery. It can also redirect this energy, forming heat beams through the jewelry on the forehead and through your own eyes. The technology in your body has also changed and evolved over the years, giving you new skills.

For example, he is able to control electronic devices and networks even from a distance, making him an excellent ally on and off the battlefield. It also has the ability to create holograms of the most diverse types. More recently, his entire body has been transformed into an army of nanites, which means he can split into a swarm of microscopic robots.

Scarlet Witch and Vision

One of the most cultured and important novels in comics came when Visão and the Scarlet Witch began to fall in love, paving the way for several discussions about the humanity of the sinusoid. How could an artificial being created in a laboratory be able to demonstrate human feelings and emotions, let alone fall in love with a real person?

The rapprochement between the two was slow and gradual, with a lot of fear on the part of both, until they finally decided to take risks and get married. They lived for a time in a suburb of New Jersey, in addition to continuing to participate in adventures and missions alongside the Avengers. During this time, we discovered that, in a way, the Scarlet Witch was pregnant with twins, William and Thomas Maximoff.

Later, the comics will reveal that Thomas and William were the result of the reality modification powers of Wanda Maximoff, who had subconsciously used fragments of the demon Mephisto’s soul to bring the babies to life. When the illusion was dispelled and the children were reabsorbed by the villain, the Scarlet Witch went completely mad, before the Avengers agreed to erase the heroine’s mind so that she wouldn’t lose. the control of its capacities. During this period, she and Visão separated.

A few times later, Visão was still trying to reconcile with Wanda, but without much success. In Avengers: The Fall, upon finding out what her teammates had done, the heroine again panicked and destroyed the Avengers, including killing Vision in the process. Currently, Visão has come back to life. At first, he didn’t forgive Wanda for her actions, but today the two live in harmony, despite the relationship breaking down.

Vision in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

In theaters, Visão is a slightly different character than what we see in the comics, especially in his origin. While he has the same gentle, calm, and almost expressionless nature as the original SYNOZOID, the hero of the films is best known for being a recreation of JARVIS, the artificial intelligence originally developed by Tony Stark.

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ultron is seen dealing with Stark technology and creating several metallic bodies, an army to take on the Avengers. However, that wasn’t enough for him, so he decided to create a “perfect body” that he could undertake in his crusade against Stark and the mightiest heroes on Earth. He then synthesizes a vibranium body, with the help of scientist Helen Cho.

To bring this new ship to life, Ultron uses the Spirit Jewel, ignoring its cosmic properties. Visão comes to life and, like in the comics, he betrays his “father” and begins to fight with the Avengers. He stayed with the team for a few years, maintaining a relationship with Wanda Maximoff. After the civil war, he even meets the heroine, on the run after the Sokovia accords. The hero is however destroyed in Avengers: Infinity War, when Thanos appears to be finding the Spirit Jewel.

Now we see the character on WandaVision, but there’s a good chance it won’t be the hero we met earlier, but a new screening of the Scarlet Witch, who was deeply traumatized after seeing the death of his beloved twice. The series hasn’t delved into that theme yet, but we should soon find out the true nature of this new Vision, and whether or not it will continue to actively appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Below, see all the Easter eggs from the first two episodes of WandaVision:

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