Behind-the-scenes video shows new hero in MCU

WandaVision has already made its Disney + debut, ushering in a new era for the MCU, this time on TV screens. And to celebrate the occasion, Marvel Studios released a behind-the-scenes video, which contains a very interesting reference to a House of Ideas hero who has yet to make his film or TV debut.

The video, posted on Marvel Entertainment’s official YouTube channel, features interviews with Kevin Feige, actress Elizabeth Olsen and actor Paul Bettany, as well as how several scenes were shot. The first episode of WandaVision, for example, was shot with a real audience, as was the old American comedy series that the Disney + attraction pays homage to was taped.


But don’t stop there. At the start of the video, a hero still unknown in the MCU is shown at a glance and very quickly. This is Magnum, who in the comics has a great connection with Visão.

As screenwriter Jac Schaeffer talks about his work on the series, an illustration of Magnum can be seen on his wall, 25 seconds into the video. This may mean that the hero may have a role to play in WandaVision. Check out the exact moment of the hero’s appearance below (via ScreenRant):

Magnum quickly appears in WandaVision behind-the-scenes video

Who is Magnum?

Magnum is the heroic identity of Simon Williams, heir to great fortune and brother of the villainous Reaper – who has already earned a reference in the series. He gained powers after going through shady experiments commanded by Baron Zemo, gaining super strength, reflexes, and invulnerability similar to Thor’s.

The character started out as an enemy of the Avengers, specifically Iron Man, gaining the trust of Tony Stark to infiltrate the ranks of the heroes and betray them. At the time H he changes his mind, abandons his mission and allies himself with them, but ends up losing his life to save his new companions. However, he proved useful even in death: his memories were preserved by Stark and later used by Ultron in the creation of Visão, of whom he became a great friend.

Returning to life thanks to the powers of the Scarlet Witch, we discover that the hero is in love with Wanda and that, using her memories, Vision has ended up falling in love with the heroine.

Magnum in action: his great power is recognized even by Thor and Iron Man

In the comics, he also cultivates a strong friendship with the Beast, the X-Men, who often save him from making mistakes that he could end up repenting for the rest of his life. He was also responsible for the creation of the Retaliators supergroup, consisting of Demolition, Anti-Venom, Atlas, Virtue, Goliath, Demon Slayer, Century and Captain Ultra.

His power is no joke: On several occasions, powerful heroes like Iron Man, Thor, and the Hulk considered him to be one of the most powerful members of the Avengers who ever existed.

So, will Magnum appear on WandaVision? Comment!

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