Behind the scenes photo of Falcão and the Winter Soldier

Hawk and the Winter Soldier, Marvel’s latest series on Disney +, hasn’t even aired and is already influencing the future of the MCU. In a behind-the-scenes photo from Spider-Man: No Way Home, references to the series were found on the scene.

The new Captain America

For those who don’t follow, one of the big news in the series is the introduction of a new Captain America who, contrary to all expectations, isn’t Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), but John Walker (Wyatt Russel). ).

The change was articulated by the US government itself and there is a big publicity maneuver to get the public to accept the soldier as the new Captain America. Some of those efforts may show up in Spider-Man 3.

Government tries to brand new Captain America

In the wings

In the image, posted to Twitter by user BlockBustedPod, a poster can be seen announcing some sort of Statue of Liberty event related to Captain America. Check:

“Meet the newest (and biggest) New York Avenger,” the poster says.

The event could be linked to another government move to publicize John Walker as an officially sanctioned replacement for Steve Rogers. Murphy’s Multiverse, known to have understood many of its rumors, says the poster will be featured in an important scene in the film.

What does the poster mean for the future of Falcão and the Winter Soldier? Be sure to comment!

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