Behind-the-scenes photo from the show points to a classic hero story

After years of underutilization in films, Gavião Arqueiro will finally have the chance to shine in his series on Disney +, which he co-starred alongside the iconic Gaviã Arqueira. Now, Jeremy Renner, the hero’s performer, has shared a behind-the-scenes image that indicates we’ll see a classic story of the character.

“A good day has passed,” Jeremy Renner said on his instagram. In the image, the hero is seen with a rustic quiver with the SHIELD logo, the organization he was a part of before joining the Avengers. But that’s not all.

Attentive fans noticed the actor’s ear, which appears to have some type of hearing aid. This would confirm rumors that the character’s hearing loss would finally be made suitable for the MCU, being an important part of the series’ plot.

Look at the photo below:

How does Gavião Arqueiro lose his hearing?

In the comics, Gavião Arqueiro loses his hearing in two moments. The first time was in 1983, when he was forced to confront Harpy. To get rid of the mind control that was plaguing his partner, Gavião puts a sound arrow into his mouth, but the prolonged exposure makes him deaf.

The second time is more recent, coming straight from the acclaimed phase written by Matt Fraction and David Aja. In the story, Gavião loses his hearing when the Clown, the villain who will be in the series, puts two arrows in the character’s ears. The story works great with the character’s new condition, and we see him using a hearing aid and communicating with sign language.

Gavião Arqueiro in the Fraction and the HQ of Aja.

So, will we finally see this character trait suited for the MCU?

The Hawkeye series will be released exclusively on Disney +, but there is still no confirmed release date – although it is suspected that it will be released next year. In addition to Renner and Steinfeld, the cast also has names like Vera Farmiga, Alaqua Cox, Fra Fee, and Florence Pugh.

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