Behind the scenes, a photo shows the villains of the series

As the filming of Gavião Arqueiro, the upcoming Disney + series, continues, the first photos of the group of villains known as the Tracksuit Mafia have fallen on the internet.

The team of antagonists has become the darling of comic book fans. With its very ingrained nature, Tracksuit Mafia is called by Clint Barton Tracksuit Draculas. They are a bunch of bandits who refer to each other and anyone as “buddy”.

In photos shared via Twitter, three members of the group can be seen wearing red sports suits. Check:

Last year there were already rumors that the villains of Tracksuit Mafia would be on the Hawkeye series. There are indications that Clint’s brother Barney is also acting as the hero’s antagonist.

Gavião Arqueiro stars Jeremy Renner, who is reprising his role as Avenger, while Hailee Steinfeld makes her debut as Kate Bishop. The series is expected to arrive at Disney + at the end of 2021.

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