Beast Wars reveals Megatron’s real name

Transformers: Beast Wars is a comic reboot of the animated series of the same name, presented in the 90s. Directed by Erik Burnham, Josh Burcham and Jake M. Wood, the comic is published by IDW Comics, and its main antagonists are the Predacons, led by Megatron. This version of the villain, however, is not the same one that has become famous for his disagreements with Optimus Prime, being a second Megatron, although that is not always his name.

It was revealed in Transformers: Beast Wars # 1 that the name he was previously known by was Galavar, as he is referred to on a show in which he speaks to the Tripredacus Council (via CBR). The reveal takes place in the same volume in which HQ reveals how the Predacons and Maximals came to a prehistoric version of Earth and is part of the character’s introduction as a villain.

In the plot, the Council is alerted to the terrorist plans of one of the Predacons, which prompted a group under his command to take control of a ship and steal the mysterious gold record from the Maximal Science Council. But when they come into contact with Galavar, he says these plans have, in fact, already been put into practice. It is in this conversation that he officially leaves his original name, correcting the Council members and saying his name is Megatron.

Megatron as seen in Transformers: Beast Wars.

While the name of the character may seem random, those familiar with the history of the Transformers franchise may recall that Megatron has an enhanced form, called Galvatron. From the conception of Robots in Disguise to the live-action versions of the franchise, the villain has taken this form a number of times before, although it doesn’t happen in the Beast Wars animations. In a way, the character’s name looks like a mixture of his two names.

The decision to call themselves Megatron also goes against the usual Transformers standard when choosing names, at least the one shown in the drawing that the HQ is based on, where the characters chose their names after scanning the names. life forms of Earth. Galavar, on the contrary, changes its name before it even reaches the planet, reaffirming its choice to rewrite history as it wishes.

What do you think of the name? Will it become Galvatron in the future? Be sure to comment!

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