Battle Royale and mobile remake announced

Following the announcement of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade during State of Play, Square Enix used the official Final Fantasy VII Twitter account to reveal two more news: a battle royale and a remake of the entire FFVII saga, both for the mobile platform.

Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier

The first commercial was for Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier, a battle royale-style mobile game that takes place 30 years before the events of FFVII. In it, the player will be in the shoes of a SOLDIER candidate, fighting for the vacant position around Midgar.

Player using “Barrier” material during battle. Fire, Thunder, and Healing are also equipped.

In addition to guns, the game allows you to use materials, swords and chocobos as mounts.

Check out the trailer below:

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

The second game revealed is aimed even more at nostalgia. Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is an episodic remake of the entire FFVII saga. This includes the film, Advent Children, and the spin-offs Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus. Foolish, right?

In the trailer, we can see that the look has been completely updated, but the camera and models follow a similar pattern to the original PSOne game. Battles have a new system, which appears to be an improvement on the shift system.

New combat system featured in the trailer.

The video only shows events in the Midgar area, with no information on the length of each episode. However, a small teaser of Crisis Core’s Zack adventure is shown at the end.

Check out the Ever Crisis trailer below:

Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier is expected to launch in 2021. Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will not arrive until 2022. Both games will be available for iOS and Android.

So, are you going to test the adventures of First Soldier and Ever Crisis? Do not forget to comment!

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