Batgirl reportedly part of canceled Batman movie starring Ben Affleck

Actor Joe Manganiello, the interpreter of Justice League Terminator of Zack Snyder, has revealed some details of the canceled Batman film, which would see Ben Affleck playing and directing. Among the novelties, we would have the participation of Batgirl.

According to Manganiello, the heroine would have an important presence in the film, as she would come to Batman’s rescue as facing the Terminator alone became increasingly difficult for Bruce Wayne:

“It was a great showdown… Batgirl just joins in with Bruce in trying to help him, since the Terminator is so fast he can anticipate Bruce’s movements… Batman is really scared because he realizes that” he’s found someone who can beat him, and it leads to a major climate battle on the streets of Gotham City. But yeah, this movie was like a real psychological thriller where the Terminator was like a… horror movie villain, like the shark from the movie Spielberg.

The Terminator, who appears in the Justice League post-credits scene and Zack Snyder’s version, is said to be the main villain of the Batman solo film.

It’s been known for years that Ben Affleck’s movie would star the Manganiello Terminator as the main villain. However, the inclusion of Barbara Gordon shows just how ready the DCEU was to be more and more interconnected, as a heroine-focused film is still on DC Films’ plans.

Affleck’s solo Batman project was canceled a few years ago, and instead, a new Batman-focused film is slated to open in 2022, starring Robert Pattinson as the hero.

In a recent interview, director Zack Snyder revealed that he would love to see the characters of Joe Manganiello and Ben Affleck explored in a DC series on HBO Max, streaming from Warner.

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