Barry Allen, the Flash, offers new costume in the comics

The Future State saga, which has taken DC Comics by storm and dominated virtually every publisher’s title, continues to show major changes in famous characters whose futures are revealed. This time it was Barry Allen, on Flash’s turn, to reinvent himself to take on an old friend turned foe, appearing with a new look in the comics (via ComicBook).

Previously on Future State: The Flash…

In the first edition of Future State: The Flash, which shows the plight of DC’s sprinters and introduces their successor, Barry Allen is seen doing everything possible to fight none other than Wally West, whose body was possessed by a known entity only. under the name of Famine (Hunger, in free translation).

This battle lasted for many years and had devastating consequences on Barry’s life. Besides losing his powers, he still had to watch Jay Garrick, Bart Allen and Max Mercury lose their lives, with little being able to do to help him. It made Barry a much more serious and somber man, but it didn’t take away his hope: he still had a trick up his sleeve and he wasn’t going to give up the fight that easily.

In a clever move, he decided to use the strength of his old enemies against this new threat, betting all his chips on the idea. And the result was surprising.

Wally West becomes biggest threat Barry Allen has ever faced in his life, forcing him to take drastic action

Barry’s Counterattack

We’ve arrived in Future State: The Flash # 2, which shows Barry Allen going beyond what was once Wally West, making up for the lack of his powers with his genie and creating a new costume for himself, albeit with a big difference: it is done mainly with the weapons of the old Vilões gallery, duly adapted for your personal use.

Some of his new gear include Captain Frio’s Freeze Gun, Cheater’s Jet Shoes, Rainbow Thief’s Prism Scopes, Captain Boomerang’s Boomerangs, a Flutist-inspired Hypnotic Wave Transmitter, and more. The combination of all of these makes Barry Allen a dangerous opponent, with all the chaos of his enemies in his hands, creating a chance to defeat the possessed Wally.

Barry Allen and his new costume: the power of his former enemies is now all his

However, even this is not enough to overcome famine. In the midst of his struggle with Barry, the entity throws Flash out of continuous space-time, taking his physical form and transforming him into something of an immortal ghost. The edition ends with Cybeast, from the Teen Titans, traveling to where the battle took place and picking up the Flash Ring.

And now, who can beat the famine? Does the Flash of the Future have a chance? Only time will tell!

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