Aya Cash, Tempesta, confirms she won’t be returning in season three

The second season of The Boys was full of emotions and many twists and turns, mainly in relation to Tempesta, a new “heroine” presented in the plot that, later we find out to have been one of the first Super created, still at the time of WWII, in addition to being a Nazi.

At the end of the season, Tempesta did not end very pleasantly, and although she was alive, she was seriously injured and in a condition from which she will hardly recover. Still, many thought she might have a role in the show’s New Year, but it looks like it won’t be this time around.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Aya Cash, who plays Tempesta, spoke about the character’s future and, when asked if she would return for season three of The Boys, replied:

“I don’t know if she will come back. I am not in it. I’m on a new FOX series called This Country. My contract with The Boys was only a year, so who knows? Maybe they can put my face in CGI ”.

Aya Cash as Tempesta in Season 2 of The Boys

Even with Cash saying that, so far, she has no plans to return the character, due to Tempesta’s popularity, there is a strong possibility that the character will return in the future, even in a flashback. Would you like to see her again?

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