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The Avatar: The Legend of Aang live-action series will see some changes in its main characters, at least that’s what the Illuminderi website points out. According to the portal, the Netflix version of the franchise won’t be exactly faithful to the animation, but rather a “reimagining.”

While in the animated series the brothers Sokka and Katara are 15 and 14 years old respectively, in the live-action series KatarĂ¡ will be the older sister. The waterbender will start the series at 16 while his brother will be 14. Illuminerdi points out that the protagonist, Aang, will remain at the original age, thus being 12 or 112 years old.

The change in the ages of Katara and Sokka will certainly bring effects to the plot, as there will be a significant four-year difference for Katara and Aang, who in the original series engage in a romance. Is it still on Netflix’s plans?

The Sun Water Tribe Brothers, Sokka and Katara

Netflix hires new showrunner for Avatar

Also according to Illuminderdi, who in recent years has proven to be a trusted source, Netflix has hired a new showrunner for the live-action series Avatar: The Legend of Aang. Artist Albert Kim takes on the post that previously belonged to the creators of the original design.

Last year Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino published an open letter announcing their departure from production due to creative differences. The news surprised fans, disappointed and worried about the path Netflix would take for the series.

Now, then, the project is moving forward a few steps with the arrival of Albert Kim. The artist began working as a writer and editor for several entertainment publications, such as ESPN Hollywood, Entertainment Weekly, and People. He also wrote the screenplay for shows like Acerto de Contas and Nikita. As an executive producer, he worked on Fox’s supernatural series The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

We just have to wish the showrunner good luck and hope he does a great job with Avatar!

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