Artists imagine what Brazil’s Pokémon would look like

Pokémon have grown in popularity thanks to incredible creatures inspired by, among other things, real-world animals. Even with our rich biodiversity, there is still no region centered on Brazil. But that doesn’t stop fans from dreaming.

The Braringá region

Two Brazilian artists, Walisson and Gabriel Gonçalves, decided to create a region influenced by the best of our country – the Braringá region. They have succeeded in masterfully adapting the franchise agreements to national reality.

First, the region is said to be part of the fictional games Pokémon Soul and Pokémon Fate, capturing the belief in mysticism prevalent in the popular imagination. Trainers who begin their journey in Braringá must choose their initial Pokémon with Professor Paulo Rasil – who, like any great Pokémon researcher, takes its name from a local tree (the Brazilian wood).

Braringá’s initials

A Brazilian Pokédex

The initials are as adorable as expected and carry inspirations from animals well known in Brazil. Representing the types of grass, we have Quatittle, inspired by coatis. Those who decide on the type of fire, on the other hand, can train an Aeroboo, with strong influences from vultures and a certain football team. Finally, the type of water brings Manake, an incredible adaptation of the manatees.

Of course, our Pokédex wouldn’t stop at the initials. Over 100 new Pokémon are also planned to honor not only our flora and fauna, but also the cultural diversity of every corner of the country.

The Brazilian Pokédex Combines New Monsters With Regional Forms

Among the Pokémon already published, which can be seen in the official gallery of the project, we can notice the influence of giant anteaters (Tamandant), mosquitoes (Mozzquit), sucking goats (Sucwool), Araucaria (Araucaice) , capybaras (Capajé)) and even guarana (Guarardian).

Check out some of the little monsters in our gallery below:

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