Artist unveils new concept art for new Batman costume

Launched this year and slated to run for two months, the DC Comics Future State event has arrived with it all. Affecting several of the publisher’s heroes, the saga that promises to show off a bit of an alternate version of the DC Universe in the future has brought in new characters assuming the dresses of the publisher’s great heroes, Batman’s case in Future State: The Next Batman. In the story, Tim Fox played the role of the Dark Knight. Now artist Nick Derington has revealed that the look of Tim Fox that reached the comics wasn’t the only design he created for the character.

One of the artists involved in the project, Derington posted on his Twitter account concept art for Tim Fox’s costume in The Next Batman. In addition to the chosen look, the art shows another design option made for the character (ComicBook). Both bring new elements while also referencing classic hero costumes:

In the tweet, Derington wrote:

The coolest thing about designing a new Batman costume is designing two.

It has been a great honor to contribute to the legacy of Batman.

Future State: The Next Batman is being written by John Ridley, who has commented on Tim Fox’s choice to take on the role of Batman:

“Tim was the first choice. When we first started talking, or should I say when I was asked to start talking about the next Batman or this project, of course you know it started some time ago, with what would be the 5G, but even without that be like 5g or Future State, there was a real commitment to having Batman as a non-white person. While we were discussing this, with the ideas DC had and how they wanted it to be done, even before the arrangement we made in terms of ethnicity. I mean, it seems like it’s been a lifetime since we started having these conversations, but there were things the leaders really wanted to discuss about perspective, family, privileges, and in a way. which in my opinion, and to their credit, they are not normally covered in the larger media. “

Ridley also said that the Fox family is one of the most important in Gotham, and perhaps in the entire DC Universe, and that the character choice allows them to fill in the gaps and use a character they they could point to a specific story. Further, the author commented on his concern to do this in a manner consistent with the DC Universe, saying:

“One of the things that was really important to me was being able to manage these things so that I didn’t have to pick up on things that fans already knew about other characters that might be online, or that were more choices. obvious to be Batman. ”

The next Batman started releasing on January 5 of this year. The second volume is expected to launch later this month on January 19.

You can read more about the Future State event here:

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