Artist Joe Bennett and Marvel make statement after controversial art

Volume # 43 of The Immortal Hulk was controversial after its release, due to a panel containing anti-Semitic material, directed by artist Joe Bennett. Due to the backlash from the public, Marvel made an official statement to CBR and Bennett himself decided to explain himself through his Facebook account.

On the panel, a jeweler is seen where Joe Fixit, who currently controls Bruce, makes a purchase. The facade of the jewelry store can be seen in the background, and it is possible to see a Star of David, under the words “Cronemberg’s Jewery”, which gave the impression that the sign demeaned Jews (Jewish, in English), since Jewelry is considered a pejorative reference to these people. You can see the picture below:

In his statement, Joe Bennett admitted the error, although he said it was not intentional:

“I’ve included references to famous horror directors as homage to the genre throughout the series, and in The Immortal Hulk # 43, I’ve included a nod to David Cronenberg. The spelling mistakes in the window were an honest but terrible mistake – as I was writing backwards, I accidentally misspelled both words.

I have no apologies for the way I used the Star of David. I didn’t understand this as a problematic and offensive stereotype, and after listening to all of you, I now understand my mistake. It was wrong, offensive and harmful in so many ways. This is a mistake that I have to admit and I apologize to everyone I hurt with this. I’m working with Marvel to correct this mistake and I’m using this lesson to reflect on how I approach my stories and my work. “

Joe Bennett is a Brazilian artist who has worked for Marvel since 1994.

Bennett’s justification for the written part does not seem unfounded, since the panel shows “Cronenberg” written with m, not n. Something similar happens with the word “jewelry”, where the absence of the letter transformed the meaning of “jewelry”, which in English means jewelry.

In its statement, Marvel said it “fully acknowledges” that the error is also on the publisher’s part, in addition to promising to correct it and remove these elements from future versions of Siege, whether they are printed, digital or as part of collections. , but there was no information on when the corrected version will be available.

What did you think of the panel and Marvel’s position? Be sure to give your opinion.

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