Artist creates Mewtwo variations for all types

The Pokémon franchise ends 25 years, having released several titles in video games, and even expanding beyond. Over the years, a large number of small monsters have formed, among which Mewtwo stands out, even so many years after its debut in 1996. Thinking about the popularity of the creature, an artist decided to reinvent the Pokemon in different types.

Artist Harry George, who previously imagined Squirtle in all possible variations, posted his work on his Instagram. The result was amazing, as you can confirm below:

Artist reinvents Mewtwo in all types of Pokémon

It’s easy to note that the artist has taken care to keep the Pokémon recognizable, while also creating distinct versions that have easily identifiable characteristics of the type they are.

Psychic, ice and electric

Metal, rock and ghost

Although George lists which design corresponds to which type in the sequence of images, even if he did not, it would be possible to make the inference based on the features depicted in his art.

Grass, fire and water

Fly, normal and fighter

While new official versions of Mewtwo are unlikely to be created, as the character’s story highlights how unique he is, having been created from experiments to replicate Mew, the versions George envisioned are quite interesting.

Poison, insect and soil

Fairy, dragon and shadow

Also note the version of Ditto posing as Mewtwo


So what did you think of the Mewtwo variations created by the artist? How would you like to see other types of pokemon in the official franchise media? Be sure to comment!

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