Armie Hammer quits shotgun wedding role after cannibalism controversy

Hollywood stars are known for their quirks, but some celebrities go too far. After controversial allegations about actor Armie Hammer, he decided to quit the production of Shotgun Wedding.

The actor had been hired to star in the Lionsgate studio production with Jennifer Lopez. Produced by Ryan Reynolds, the film promises to blend action and comedy while accompanying the honeymoon of a couple killing murderers.

However, after the recent accusations that have run the Internet, the actor decided to move away from this aggressive image propagated by the film. According to The Wrap, a representative of the studio has just stated that:

“Given the imminent start of the ‘Shotgun Wedding’ recordings, Armie has requested to be removed from the film and we support that decision.”

Armie Hammer in his latest movie, Rebecca

Understanding the controversy

The actor was embroiled in a major scandal after allegations of infidelity, abuse and cannibalism emerged. It all started when an Instagram user, as Houseofeffie, made public impressions of alleged conversations with the actor.

She claims to be a victim of abuse and has posted several reports where Hammer allegedly brought the woman to meet him. The actor would still have implicated the 6-year-old girl in his lies, but it doesn’t end there.

According to Effie, Armie said she was his slave in bed and he was allowed to do whatever he wanted with her. Supposedly, she was born to obey him and it even involved threats of mutilation while the actor was drunk.

Reports are even worse, even implying the intention of cannibalism. The UNCLE Agent actor allegedly claimed to be “100% cannibal” and wanted to “drink the blood” of his victim. Disturbing, to say the least.

Armie Hammer alongside Henry Cavill in THE UNCLE Agent

However, there is no overwhelming evidence against Hammer. There is no voice recording or photo to prove that he was the author of all of the messages posted by Effie. For Variety, he denied the charges and explained that he would quit the film to protect his children.

“I will not respond to these ridiculous claims, but due to the nasty and spurious attacks on me, I cannot in good conscience leave my children for 4 months to shoot a movie in the Dominican Republic. The studio supports me in this decision and I am very grateful to them.

It has not been announced who will replace Armie Hammer in production. Shotgun Wedding remains unique.

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