Armie Hammer loses Hollywood agency after cannibalism controversy

Armie Hammer has seen his life and career turned upside down after allegedly leaked messages involving his sexually violent nature leaked online. After leaving several projects, it is the agency that manages Hammer’s career to leave the actor.

The leaked content featured Hammer pretending to have fun with disturbing and violent sexual fantasies like drinking the blood of his victims, among other heavy stuff. The scandal put Hammer in the eye of the hurricane and forced him to quit several promising projects, such as the series The Godfather, The Offer and the film Shotgun Wedding with Jennifer Lopez.

Armie Hammer in 2020 Netflix Movie ‘Rebecca’

Now, The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the latest blow to Hammer’s career is with his agency, WME, which terminated the actor’s contract in the same way his personal advisor dismissed him as a client as well.

In Hollywood, acting agencies are essential in connecting artists with projects that interest them. Without it, Hammer will likely remain in limbo in the industry for many years to come.

Armie Hammer is best known for his work in films such as Call Me By Your Name, UNCLE Agent and The Social Network.

To better understand all the controversy involving the actor, check out our story on the case.

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