Ao swears loyalty to Kara in new anime episode

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continues in full force in Japan, where Ao’s arc is currently being adapted for the anime. And in his final episode, it is revealed that the villain intends to leave his past and his shinobi honor behind in the name of his mission and loyalty to the Kara organization.

During Episode 185 (via ComicBook), we see Ao show all his nerve after meeting Boruto and the other members of Team 7, which ended in Mugino’s death. As they prepare their counterattack, Ao will see another great villain from the series: Kashin Koji, a member of the Kara organization.

Koji confronts him, asking him why he let Boruto and his friends escape in the previous episode. He then said he was surprised to discover that his new enemy was none other than the son of the Hokage and nothing more. When Koji asks if the kids “softened” him, Ao simply says that he doesn’t have such feelings and doesn’t even consider himself a shinobi anymore, having left his past behind.

Ao says in all of his words that he sees himself as a tool kept alive by the power of science and nothing else, and that he is fully committed to achieving Kara’s ambitions as an instrument of his will. . More machine than human, Ao had already given indications that he no longer even considered himself a human being, and now this has been clearly demonstrated by himself.

Boruto’s new enemy Ao: with multiple bionic parts in his body, he left his shinobi pride and humanity behind

Ao goes on to say that he has no more emotions, but Kashin Koji is still not convinced and sees the Boruto hunt as a test for his subordinate. The decisions Ao makes are all aimed at distancing himself from his past as a shinobi, which is reflected in his fighting style, which relies entirely on his bionic body. How will the young ninja defeat him? We will find out soon!

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