Antony Starr, Captain Motherland, talks about the series’ third season

The Boys is one of the greatest hits of the original Prime Video series. Based on the Garth Ennis comics, the production explores a world where superheroes are big celebrities – but, deep down, they’re corrupt, mean, and petty characters. And after two well-lauded seasons, the series will return for a third year, which has yet to be released.

Now, in an interview with the comics, star Antony Starr (who plays Captain Motherland on the show) has spoken a little bit about preparations for next season’s recordings. When asked when he would be quarantined to prepare for the recordings, Antony said some of his castmates are already doing it and he will be doing it soon:

“We don’t have a precise date yet, but in the not too distant future, in about a month. I think because of COVID and because we’re filming in the winter – which is going to be a bit difficult – it limits our theatrical shoot, initially. It will therefore be a very offbeat casting entry for the shooting of this season. I’m leaving soon. Honestly, I’m dying to go back, but there are a lot of new rules. It’s a whole new world with COVID and we need to comply with these regulations. But it will be soon.

The second year, Captain Homeland will have to face the bitter defeat suffered the second year …

Antony was also asked about the level of secrecy used by Eric Kripke and other producers of the series, as many actors could not read the full scripts during the first seasons. Now things are calmer and he was able to access five or six scripts of the first episodes of the season:

“Yes, I think when you’re already on board and they know what to do and what they want to do, [o sigilo] ends up getting smaller. I think initially they didn’t want to run a lot of scripts all over the place, but after joining the team they get very open with the material. And that’s great, because we have a great exchange of ideas with Eric [Kripke], and we can collaborate and create something really special. I think I read the first four or five of season three. It’s pretty fun. I have to admit, it’s fun as hell. It’s weird, because we care so much about what we’re doing and what we’re going to do with these episodes that we have very little control over it initially.

Despite this, the production team still keeps some secrets. Asked about the show’s high school spin-off and if he would be there, Antony said he had no idea and no one talked about it much with him. Still, it would be great to see a special Captain Motherland appearance, wouldn’t it?

The Boys’ third season will be released on Prime Video, but there is still no confirmed release date. We know the series will deal directly with the events of the second season, with Billy Bruto having saved his wife’s son and Luz-Estrela and Queen Maeve leading a revolution within the Seven.

Here are 10 things you need to know about Captain Motherland:

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