Anime reveals there is a traitor in Konoha

The Boruto anime continues to push things to the limit when we discover the existence of a traitor with close ties to the hidden village of Folha.

In Episode 182, Team 7 ends up meeting Ao, a soldier from the last Great War against Kaguya, while on a train ride. But when they descend to their destination, the episode takes an unexpected turn.

It is revealed that behind Ao’s seat was none other than Koji, Jigen’s right-hand man and Victor’s killer. He was there the entire time while Ao spoke to Boruto and other heroes. The villain admits that he was watching Ao and would continue to need him for his mission. Ao accepts, but what are the reasons for this change of positioning, we still do not know.

Regardless, the confirmation that Ao is involved in the plans of the Kara organization is impressive as it seemed like he would always be loyal to Konoha.

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