Anime reveals secret of Eren’s attack

Warning: spoiler alert!

Attack on Titan comes to its epic conclusion in the fourth and final season of the anime. Fans were getting used to a slow start and full of new characters, but everything changes quickly, especially after Eren and the Exploration Troop attacked Marley. And now we have a revelation that shows us the reason for this attack.

In the 67th episode of Shingeki no Kyojin, we continue to see the whole great battle as Eren attacks Marley with the Exploration Troop. In the middle of the war, he transforms into a Titan and causes colossal destruction. The episode then reveals to us that the Exploration Troop is somehow dispatched to rescue and rescue Eren after his plan is put in place.

Eren Yeager plays a big role in the fourth and final season of the anime.

However, this is not all. The anime also shows us that this is part of a plan made between Eren and Zeke, who are trying to collect more titanic powers for Eren, in a combined effort that brought a major twist to the franchise.

Of course, this plan didn’t go as planned – for example, Zeke talks about the mistake of not having calculated Gabi and Falco’s presence. However, it’s a big moment for the anime and it shows how Eren Yeager is getting closer and closer to becoming the biggest villain in the saga.

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