Anime preview shows new ninja form

Warning: spoiler alert!

In the ninja world, it’s not just Naruto who has to live with a powerful seal, his son Boruto also ended up having to deal with it after defeating Momoshiki Otsutsuki. Now, after a long wait, we’ll finally see the young hero struggling with the shape of his seal!

The mark serves to give Boruto more power when he needs it, and the preview for the next episode indicates that now is the time for the ninja to dive deep into it. Faced with a new foe from Kara, Boruto and his friends will go through difficult times, but everything will change when he gains access to his newfound power.

In the new form, the ninja has black markings on his body, while his right eye glows blue. From the preview it was possible to notice that he was surprised by the transformation, but fans of the anime know just how powerful he becomes when accessing this power.

Look at the images:

A new form of Boruto marks the body of the ninja

Boruto appears with a new look in the anime preview

A more than welcome new power for the character!

So, excited for this new anime arc?

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