Anime presents a new mega evolution for Greymon

Warning: spoiler alert!

The Digimon Adventure reboot won audiences over for its frenetic plot and more modern look, though it is criticized for supposedly developing and prioritizing only Tai and Agumon as the narrative’s protagonists. Now the two have been given more prominence in the story, with a new mega-evolution of Greymon introduced in the anime.

In the original anime, we learned that there were other evolutionary lines for the Digimon, but that wasn’t very developed in the first season. Now the reboot comes to change that, exploring that concept and introducing new ways for the little monsters we already know.

The new forms appear as a direct result of all the stress and danger the Digischosen have gone through from the start, which is why Tai and Agumon surprised their fans again, showing off the mega evolution BlitzGreymon.


Faced with the mighty MetallifeKuwagamon, MetalGreymon struggles to resist attacks and adapt to the electrical environment around it. But then, after receiving a violent attack, comes the surprise: the little monster evolves into this new Mega Evolution. BlitzGreymon appears with red armor and tech weapons, facing the enemy very easily after that.

Watch the transformation scene below:

In Brazil, Digimon Adventure is presented weekly by Crunchyroll on Saturdays.

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