Anime is banned from Russia

The popular Japanese series Death Note can no longer be shown on certain channels in Russia. The news is being broadcast via Anime News Network, which says a court across the country has ruled out removing the anime from entertainment sites.

In addition to Death Note, the anime Inuyashiki and Elfen Lied were also banned after a lengthy investigation. The Moscow Times reports that the Kolpinsky Court in St. Petersburg has banned the search and distribution of titles on certain streaming sites, on the grounds that the programs contain “cruelty, murder and violence”.

‘Death Note’ is already considered a classic in suspense stories

The decision went into effect on January 20 and set precedents to ban other anime. At the moment, an investigation into the Aki Sora series is being sent to the Minister of the Interior of Russia.

The plot of Death Note centers on the story of Light, a young student who, confronted with the “Notebook of Death”, begins to kill criminals to build a more just society. However, to maintain his anonymity, the young man begins to kill anyone who crosses his path.

This is not the first time Death Note has been banned from a country. In China, the anime is also not allowed to air.

In Brazil, Death Note is available on Netflix.

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