Build up to the main event of ROAD FC 32 has been a combination of classic MMA rivalry, high-class entertainment and a touch of absurdity.

At the heart of this strange combination is Bob Sapp, the legendary MMA fighter who may be more well known for his losses than wins.

This weekend Sapp returns to face China’s “Heavyweight Supernova” Aorigele, a huge 153.5kg Sanda Champion who burst onto the MMA scene two years ago at only 19-years-old.

It’s hard to know what to make of their part comical, part serious exchanges.

The ROAD FC 32 weigh-ins in Changsha, China, saw Aorigele blowing raspberries and poking fun at Sapp’s age, while big Bob Sapp called Aorigele a “pregnant gorilla”. It’s all good fun, but as referee Herb Dean rightly says, it’s serious stuff.

We asked Sapp about his ambitions for the future and what he makes of this rivalry with his next opponent shortly after the official weigh-ins for ROAD FC 32.

Their fight will take place at openweight with Sapp crushing the scales at a huge 160kg with Aorigele weighing in at 153.5kg.