In combat sports the hand wraps as regarded as a work of art. With Muay Thai there’s no exception.

Muay Thai trainers are famous for creating rock-hard knuckle guards that most definitely wouldn’t pass under the watchful eye of American sports commissions.

For high profile fights in Bangkok, hand wraps are always made on the spot, whereas in the countryside they are reused again and again.

To start the process, Muay Thai trainers massage the hands and fingers of their fighters. Then, with tape, gauze, a seasoned hand, and special attention to detail create a cast around the fighter’s hands and wrists.

Long time fight-photographer Rob Cox takes us behind the scenes at Lumpinee Stadium to see the meticulous hand-wrapping process in action.


Muay Thai, Rob Cox, Hand Wraps, Fight Photography, Lumpinee Stadium

Rob Cox has been an indelible part of Muay Thai for the last two decades. His ringside photos tell the story of some of the greatest stadium bouts in the sport’s history. And now the Kiatphontip gym owner lends his vast expertise to Max Muay Thai as lead commentator.

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  1. Laurie

    Checking on a Phoenix, Arizona girl, nickname ” Bam Bam “, she is fighting lightweight division. How did she do???