Road Fighting Championship has been flirting with the idea of a US$1 million dollar tournament for the better part of a year.

CEO Jung Moon-Hong has been giving teasers and hints and details are starting to emerge about, but it’s early and things still may change.

According to ROAD FC’s Instagram page, it looks as though the tournament will be held in the lightweight division.

This weight class is currently being held hostage by the always brash ROAD FC lightweight champion A-Sol Kwon, but this too may change, with a title defense scheduled before the year’s end.

Still, a big question hangs over his title shot. Will the champion wait and meet the winner of the tournament or will he relinquish his title and join the tournament with everyone else?

Interestingly, the Korean promotion said it sent a special invitation to UFC interim featherweight champion Jose Aldo. The disgruntled Brazilian has been unhappy with his situation with the UFC and asked for the immediate termination of his contract or he will retire.

They also stated that they want the best fighters in the world to participate so if any professional combat athlete wants to be considered for the grand prix can contact the promotion.

The next aspect to contemplate would be the amount of participants the tourney would involve. In the beginning, they were playing with the idea of a 64-man bracket but they want to finish within a year so they are thinking about shrinking it to 32 competitors.

But having that many fights over a 12-month period would be a challenge in itself.

Another aspect is when will all of this commence. So far spring of 2017 seems likely. This gives them a lot of time to shake-up the 155-pound division and figure out the logistics of this massive endeavour.

No matter the ordeal, every lightweight in the world not contractually tied down should be sending emails, calling ROAD FC employees and blowing up social networking sites to campaign for a spot in this tournament.

Winning that amount of money can change what tax bracket a person belongs to and that is something to be proud of.