An infamous group of pirates are featured in the anime

Warning: spoiler alert!

The One Piece anime is gearing up to enter the third act of the Wano Country arc, as we take in some hints as to what’s to come in the future of the saga. More than that, a new episode shows us a bit of this universe’s past, introducing us to an infamous group of hackers who until then had only been mentioned, and who are directly associated with all the misfortunes that are going on in Wano. .

In the 962nd episode of the anime, we continue to see Oden Kozuki’s flashback, which shows us how important he is to Wano. In the scenes, we are introduced to Pirates Rocks, a group that sailed around 40 years before One Piece’s current story.

The Pirates Rocks had previously been mentioned as part of Big Mom’s past and other important characters in the saga. However, as Oden Kozuki remembers his story more, we can see them on screen just like before. In the scene, we spot a few famous pirates, such as Kaido, Whitebeard, and Big Mom (still known as Charlotte Linlin).

The Pirates Rocks, as featured in the anime. Here we can see Charlotte Linlin (Big Mom), Kaido and Edward Newgate (Whitebeard).

Throughout the episode, we learned a bit more about Pirates Rocks and how they ended up disbanding. Basically, each important leader of the crew ended up forming their own group, as was the case with Whitebeard – who became a very important character over the course of One Piece.

It is important to mention that the episode shows us other mysterious characters alongside the Pirates Rocks. In the manga, we know other characters who made up the group, such as John, Shiki and even the leader of the group, Rocks D. Xebec. It’s not yet clear if we’ll get more flashbacks from the group and if these other characters will be covered in more depth in the future of the anime.

One Piece can be watched in Brazil via Crunchyroll. The series is currently in its 962nd chapter, with many manga to adapt soon. However, we do know that Eiichiro Oda is already planning the end of the story, and that the events seen in the Wano Country arc will be central to the story that will unfold until the end of the anime.

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