An important character dies in the anime

Warning: spoiler alert!

The final season of Attack on Titan continues to present fans with several glorious moments, as the climate for war and battle increases dramatically. In the most recent chapter we have breathtaking scenes, accompanied by a death that shook several fans of the saga created by Hajime Isayama.

In the eighth chapter of the fourth season, titled “Killer Bullet,” we see more of Marley’s destruction. The national capital remains even more desolate after the attack on Eren and the arrival of the exploration troop. This is how Gabi launches into the assault, shooting Sasha in the chest.

Sasha spends a few seconds alive, but soon succumbs to the injury, dying in one of the darkest and saddest moments in the anime. Since she has been a figure that has been present since the beginning of the plot, many have been surprised by the death, even though this element was already present in the manga.

Sasha on her deathbed

The anime promises to be even more bloodthirsty and deadly in its final chapters. We know there are less than ten episodes by the end of the series, giving the expected conclusion to the current arc, but many already expect the body count in Attack on Titan to only increase. from now on …

Below, see the franchise’s strongest titans, from weakest to strongest:

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