Amazon develops sequel to classic with Jim Carrey

Amazon Studios is developing a third Ace Ventura movie, a 1990s franchise starring Jim Carrey. The film will be produced for Amazon’s streaming service, Prime Video.

According to Collider, the idea of ​​streaming to produce a sequel to Ace Ventura’s two original films came mainly from fan clamor, who even so many years later continue to talk about the film on social media.

Although his participation is not confirmed, Jim Carrey is expected to join the film. The screenplay is in charge of Pat Casey and Josh Miller, who wrote Sonic: The Movie.

It’s been 27 years since the first Ace Ventura, A Different Detective, hit theaters. The sequel came the following year, 1995, as Ace Ventura 2 – A Madman in Africa.

The absurdly fun plot features Jim Carrey incorporating an animal sleuth, who investigates the case of the disappearance of a dolphin, the mascot of a football team.

As of yet, Ace Ventura 3 does not have an official release date.

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