All the main heroes of the DC series, ranked

Launched in 2012 with Arrow, DC’s shared universe on TV screens, also known as “Arrowverso,” has featured countless characters over the years. With each new series produced by the CW channel, the whole world grew bigger, introducing new elements, adapting famous arcs from comics such as Crisis on Infinite Earths and, of course, introducing new heroes, some very dear to the fans.

We’ve taken on the challenge of ranking all of Arrowverso’s main heroes, going through all of their series, to find out who is the most and least powerful in this universe. Go!


John Diggle (David Ramsey) was introduced to Arrow as just the bodyguard of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), but it didn’t take long for him to gain notoriety. A highly skilled veteran of Afghanistan, Diggle then accompanied Oliver in his quest to protect Central City, becoming the Green Arrow’s main ally under the nickname Spartan.

Diggle has made a difference on several occasions during the missions of Green Arrow and his team of heroes, and even in the most desperate of situations he has managed to overcome his worries and get back on top, being an irreplaceable member of the team. And in the last episode of the series, he still found a certain artifact that could make him the newest member of a certain intergalactic troop …

The Spartan in action: he played an essential role in the maturation of the Green Arrow into a hero


A key member of the Legends, Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh), or Eléktron, is one of the brightest minds in all of the Arrowverse. And that’s not all: on his own he was able to develop a special suit allowing him to fly, increase his physical strength hundreds of times and shoot energy beams, in addition to changing size with technology. that he discovered.

Although he prefers to avoid direct confrontations, being a pacifist and believing in the hearts of all, including villains, Eléktron is not an adversary to be underestimated and can surprise in situations under a lot of pressure. Your mind is your primary weapon, and it has saved your team from death some times in the past.

Ray Palmer is Eléktron: technology and engineering at the service of justice


Initially only a common historian on the Green Arrow tracking trail, Nate Heywood (Nick Zano) gained special powers by traveling through time with the Waverider crew, gaining the ability to turn his body into steel and adopting the heroic name. Gladio in his honor for your grandfather, member of the Justice Society.

When he changes, he becomes virtually invulnerable, also increasing his physical strength. But nothing is perfect: his fighting skills aren’t exactly exquisite, and he’s too dependent on his body of steel to win most of his fights.

From historian to hero, Gladio accompanies legends on great adventures


Determined to save Gotham from the ambitions of Alice (Rachel Skarsen) and her gang, rebel Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) follows the heroic legacy of her cousin Bruce Wayne, taking her costume and gear and becoming the Batwoman. Although a little complicated to manage, she has impressive combat skills and good handling of Batman’s gadgets, perks that make her a competent hero.

As a paragon of courage, Batwoman was essential to the hero’s victory over the Crisis Anti-Monitor on Infinite Earths, but some time later he vanished without a trace. Kate has been replaced by Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie), who has a long way to go before she becomes a true hero, but who shows promise.

With the demise of Batman, his cousin Batwoman is Gotham’s only hope

White canary

The Leader of the Legends, Sarah Lance (Caity Lotz), is one of the deadliest characters in all of the Arrowverse, even without any powers. Trained for years in the dark corridors of the League of Assassins, Sarah continues the heroic mission of her late sister, Dinah (Katie Cassidy), the former Black Canary, demonstrating unique combat skills with each new mission.

The character, already dead and returning a few times during his adventures with the heroes of the Arrowverse, is hardly seen in a bad spot when it comes to hand-to-hand combat and almost always wins his opponents. Even for a meta-human, the challenge is not a very desirable idea.

Canário Branco: in the fight, she has no limits

Green Archer

It all started with him! After five years on an island far from the world undergoing all manner of perennial and dangerous missions, Oliver Queen returns to Star City with one goal: to save his city. To do this, he embarks on a journey that at first was all about revenge, but which becomes something bigger by learning to trust people and understand what it really means to be a hero. .

The Green Arrow was synonymous with leadership for all the heroes of the Arrowverse, fighting for his people, helping those in need and making the ultimate sacrifice in Crisis on Infinite Earths, when he gave his life to ensure that the multiverse would survive and continue without it. In terms of combat, both melee and ranged, there was no one who could overcome it. Well, maybe a certain Dark Knight, but given how he disappeared before they could meet, we’ll never know.

The Green Arrow: Oliver Queen’s Journey began the entire universe of DC heroes on TV

Black Lightning

At first, the Black Ray wouldn’t be part of the Arrowverse, but that all changed after Crisis in the Infinite Earths, a crossover in which the hero found the other DC superpowers and became part of the same Earth as all of them. And for them, it was quite a reinforcement: their power is to manipulate energy and electricity, which, depending on their mood, is a very dangerous power and without much openness to weakness.

As a peaceful school principal, Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) cares for the youth of Freeland, advising them and helping them lead lives of dignity and honor. Like the hero Black Lightning, he protects the city streets, fighting crime alongside his daughters, also superheroes. Seen in this light, he is a complete hero, saving people’s lives and souls.

Director, Mentor, Father, Hero: Black Lightning is all of these and still has time to be home for dinner

Flash child

From his debut as a hero in The Flash, Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) displayed great talent using the Speed ​​Force, which earned him a spot on the Hero’s Team and the identity by Kid Flash. His powers increased further after being a part of Legends, traveling through time to make sure the world stays safe.

Over time, he has grown to be as powerful a sprinter as Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), using his powers in different ways to distinguish himself and move away from the shadow of the Flash. He’s got a bit lost lately, preferring to travel the world in search of lighting, but he deserves to be in this ranking.

Wally West has been on adventures in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow

John constantine

Magician John Constantine (Matt Ryan) is a master of the occult arts, deeply informed about magic and its dangers and the owner of a tree of impressive mystical skills, mastering countless spells and rituals. That alone places him among the most powerful beings in the Arrowverse, where he no longer shines because he doesn’t have the budget to be able to demonstrate his powers more often.

He’s been of help to the heroes of the Arrowverse countless times, and when it comes to dealing with magical threats, there is none better. When the problem is humanly impossible to solve, it’s Constantine that everyone will appeal to, and he (almost) never fails.

John Constantine is the master of the hidden arts of the Arrowverse


And we got to the scarlet sprinter! In terms of power, few of the Arrowverse surpass Barry Allen, the fastest man in the world. Using the Haste Force as an ally, he has already defeated some very powerful villains, such as Reverse Flash, Zoom, Gorilla Grodd, Savitar, and others. He’s a hero in his own right, who doesn’t just depend on his fighting power, his genius, and the support of his team.

“Awesome” is not enough to describe his skill set. Its speed allows it to cross the world in seconds, travel through time and the multiverse, become intangible to pass through objects, trigger powerful electric shocks, among others. And with each new season, it gets even stronger.

Flash is one of the pillars of Arrowverso and has many more adventures to come.

Mars hunter

J’onn J’onzz (David Harewood), the Hunter of Mars, was once called by Superman himself “the most powerful being on Earth,” which on the part of whoever comes, does is no small feat. As head of the DEO, he has protected Earth from various alien threats, besides being an excellent mentor and moral compass for Supergirl and her sister, Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh).

His skill set is vast: in addition to the “base package,” which includes super strength and flight, the Mars Hunter can read and dominate spirits, assume other forms, become intangible and more. He is also a great strategist and never acts on impulse, which makes him even more dangerous for anyone who dares to face him.

With a wide array of powers, the Mars Hunter is one of the most powerful in the Arrowverse.


Now is the time for the Man of Steel! Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) is also Earth’s Greatest Hero in the Arrowverse, the ray of hope everyone aims to reach and admire for his courage, optimism, and great power. The character originally appeared in the second season of Supergirl, but has gained more space and is now preparing to star in her own series, Superman & Lois.

Because he arrived at Arrowverso so late, he still didn’t have the same importance and attention that he gets in the comics, serving more as a special luxury participation. Despite this, there is no one there who doubts his power, and his mere presence inspires everyone to do their best. But there is someone who, at least for now, is more powerful than him …

Tyler Hoechlin as Superman: the Man of Steel to star in his own series soon

Super girl

The girl of steel Carol Danvers (Melissa Benoist) is at the first place of this ranking, it is not by chance. Besides having all the powers of her most famous cousin, she has already defeated him in direct combat and without any rules, where both of them used all their power without hanging on.

She can also be as inspiring as he is, having unwavering faith in the human heart and in the ability that everyone must change for the better. Knowing that she is not alone, she trusts her companions and lets them be part of her life and her struggles, leading them by example. With just one more season, what new challenges will Supergirl face and overcome? Soon we will know …

Supergirl has already defeated Superman in a big fight, but only has one more season to go.

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