All members of the Naruto clan, from weakest to strongest

Behind the chaos of the shinobi world hides a mysterious clan, come from another dimension. The emergence of the Otsutsuki came as a surprise at the end of Naruto’s story and now they are the lifeblood of Boruto’s plot. Virtually divine beings, inhuman and with an insatiable thirst for power.

From the end of Naruto to the current point in Boruto’s story, we have met 10 Otsutsukis. In this list, I have organized each member of this alien clan in order of power, from weakest to strongest, to better understand this threat to the ninja world.

However, it’s good to remember: even the least powerful of them have abilities that can sweep life away on Earth, so it’s no good to underestimate them. Activate your Rinne Sharingan and come with me!

Cover illustration: Freex3r

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