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Lots of twists and turns and ups and downs later on, Dragon Ball Super’s Saga do Moro – or Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol Saga – is over. But don’t worry: a new adventure has already begun for the Z Warriors and their companions.

Named after the Granolah saga, the Survivor, the new chapter of Dragon Ball continues in space, promising the birth of Universe 7’s most powerful warrior and a protagonist seeking revenge. I’ve separated here everything we already know about Granolah, the hero – or villain – of this plot, to begin this well-guided journey. Get your Dragon Radar, your sniper goggles and come with me!

Who is Granolah in Dragon Ball Super?

First official color image of Granolah, revealed by V-Jump.

The protagonist of the new Dragon Ball saga has already been introduced in the manga. Ending Moro’s story, chapter 67 of the Super post, Granolah was introduced to the plot in a very interesting way.

Granolah is a space mercenary who first appears raiding a ship in search of the remains (?) Of 73, the android responsible for some of the twists and turns in the Moro saga. Skillful at what he does, at the moment he’s reliant on guns to act, though he’s also shown some pretty cool powers.

With a very human appearance, aquamarine green hair, and a sniper monocle in his right eye, he has a design that looks a lot like the Saiyans. However, Granolah comes from the planet Cereal, whose population has been wiped out by the race of Goku.

By the time we find Granolah in the manga, he steals the remains of Goichi’s 73s – which are from the planet where the android was created – and takes them to the Heeters, the group that hired him. By delivering the order, he discovers that he may still be able to take revenge who has sought all his life and, therefore, tries to become stronger.

Is her name really Granolah?

The granola comes from Planeta Cereal where the locals may have the name for cereals or breakfast dishes.

Yes, its name is Granolah or Granola – there is no official translation yet, but it is a bit irrelevant.

The new warrior’s name, home planet, and race simply follow Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro’s food line of inspiration when naming things in Dragon Ball. The most classic case is that of the Saiyans with Planet Vegeta and anyone with a plant name – or the Gods of Destruction with an alcoholic name.

Granolah is a Cerealujin born on the planet Cereal. Probably all of the Cerealujins that appear will have some sort of name. In the manga it has already been shown that he has a companion called “Oatmeel”, a joke with “Oatmeal”, Oats in Portuguese.

What is Granolah’s story with the Saiyans?

Bardock is one of Granolah’s malicious targets. He appeared in Dragon Ball Super, in the flashback to Broly’s movie.

Many years before Super’s current story, Freeza’s army dominated much of the universe with the help of the Saiyans from planet Vegeta. The specialty of the Emperor of Evil was to subdue the planets with his soldiers transformed into Oozaru and sell them, empty or with slaves, to his circle of space tyrants.

Right before the events that led to the destruction of Planet Vegeta – and, therefore, sending Goku to Earth – Freeza and the Saiyans invaded Planet Cereal to dominate it. Apparently, the entire population was wiped out and the planet was sold.

It turns out that there is a surviving Cerealujin: Granolah. So far, he appears to be the only one of the breed and has terrible nightmares on the day of the attack. The boy dreams of the moment he hid in what appears to be a church while the Oozarus ravaged his town. In memory, something important is shown: one of the giant apes, which Granolah saw up close, has an X-shaped scar on his left cheek.

We can therefore assume that this Saiyan was none other than Bardock, Goku’s father, in one of his missions for Freeza. This memory is also important in establishing the time and place of Granolah at the same age or older than Goku and Vegeta, when he was already a child at the time of the attack.

Thus, Granolah dedicates her life to becoming strong enough to kill Saiyans and Freeza. It is not known where he grew up, but at one point he talks about returning home to the planet Cereal, so it’s possible he lived alone on the devastated planet – something like Broly – or that the planet was colonized again and it continued for there.

Sadly, before he could fulfill his vengeance, the planet Vegeta was destroyed, Freeza’s army of Saiyans would have been wiped out, and the Evil Emperor himself was killed. Frustrated, Granolah then became a space mercenary and that was his life until he learned of the resurrection of his primary target.

Considering the whole story, at some point he also has to turn his anger on the Saiyans of Earth, especially Goku because of Bardock.

Who is Android 73 and what does it have to do with Granolah?

In the manga, Granolah finds Android 73 is still recovering.

If you haven’t been following the Moro saga, maybe the name 73 has confused you. I will explain it better, because it may have a role in this adventure.

73 is an android created by a highly technological race from a distant planet. It was stolen by space pirates and served alongside them until they were all stopped by the Galactic Patrol and sent to the Space Prison.

Very powerful, the 73 has a few abilities that have given Z Warriors a headache. It can copy a target’s fighting style in its entirety, with all abilities, moves, and even current strength level if you grab him by the neck. Not only that, but he can store up to three copies himself and switch between them during battle.

During the Moro Saga, the villain freed all the prisoners from the space prison to train his army. The 73 then became one of the main soldiers and was part of the reconnaissance team sent to Earth, where it fought Piccolo and Gohan.

Later, Moro literally swallowed 73 in a moment of desperation and assimilated it with his powers, one of the most dramatic moments in the battle. After the villain was destroyed, it looked like the android was gone as well, but that was a miscalculation.

The 73 then demonstrated its ability to regenerate – much like Boo’s, to come back from the dead with a piece of organic matter – and began to remake itself in the crater where Moro was defeated after he was defeated. there was no one else there. With part of his head restored, he sent a rescue signal to his creator, Goichi, who managed to recover the android.

This is where Granolah’s story begins. He invades the Goichi’s ship to steal the remains of 73. The mercenary group Heeters wanted the android because of their vast database, acquired by executing the galaxy as a pirate and then with Moro.

What is the relationship between Granolah and the Heeters?

The Heeter Force must be important in the Granolah saga.

The Heeters are the leaders of the Heeter Force, a powerful group of space mercenaries from Universe 7. The name “Heeter” comes from “Heater”, “Heater” in English. Given what they’re saying about Freeza, it’s possible that they’ll somehow antagonize the Evil Emperor in the future. All the members of the main family are named after “types of heating”, such as Electric, “Electricity” (electricity), Maki (firewood), Oil (fuel oil) and Gas.

Led by Elec, the main goal of the family is to gain information and knowledge to dominate the galaxy. According to them, more important than force, money and information are necessary to conquer the universe. They are therefore looking for a character already known from Dragon Ball Super, Master Zuno. Featured during the Universe 6 Tournament Saga, he is said to be a partially omniscient being and knows nearly everything that happens in the universe.

It is still unclear exactly what the Heeters want with Mestre Zuno, but the 73 delivered by Granolah should bring them closer to their goal. During the interaction, we found out that this working relationship between the family and the boy is old and that they are familiar with Cerealujin’s goals.

Another interesting thing is that after Granolah leaves, with the information that Freeza is resurrected, the Heeters comment on the boy’s growth. Elec is afraid of the possibility that the mercenary will become even more powerful.

Is there a prophecy for Granolah?

The Oracle Fish doesn’t make mistakes, but it doesn’t give very accurate predictions either.

It is not possible to know if this is for Granolah, but given the name of the Saga, it is very likely that the prophecy made by the Oracle Fish from the planet of Beerus speaks to him.

During Chapter 68, we found out that the Oracle Fish was suffering from insomnia and Whis was trying to help him. Everything looks good, until the angel reveals that it only happens when something very bad is about to happen. At the end of the manga, then, he makes a prophecy while sleeping.

According to the Oracle Fish, the balance of Universe 7 is about to be changed and the greatest warrior in this dimension will soon be awakening. After so long, won’t the strongest in the universe be Goku anymore? Who knows.

Some theories suggest it isn’t Granolah, but maybe Uub, who appeared in the manga two chapters ago, or even Pan, Gohan and Videl’s daughter. In this case, Granolah’s story would somehow intertwine with this birth.

Others say yes, Granolah is the most powerful future in Universe 7. Some people think that Cerealujins may have a hidden strength similar to that of the Saiyans – which would be interesting, since Goku became Super Saiyan just in battle. against Freeza, Granolah’s target. Some say that the warrior can be half Saiyan and that the mixture of the two races makes him extremely powerful.

What do you believe in?

What are the powers of Granolah?

Dojutsu coming to Dragon Ball?

From what we’ve seen so far, Granolah is already a skillful warrior, with very different techniques for the Dragon Ball universe, but nothing quite as absurd as being “the most powerful.”

During the invasion of the Goichi ship, he showed great skill with firearms. Plus, he already has some ki control when attacking with energy hits from his fingers – a very Leigan thing from Yu Yu Hakusho.

Also, in Chapter 68, it was revealed that the Cerealujins race has a special eye ability. Granolah’s right eye, which he always keeps covered with a monocle, is different and allows him to see at a much greater distance. According to Aveia, his skill is much greater than that of any Cerealujin, and Granolah really turns out to be a master sniper, using his enhanced vision and energy shots to take out enemies.

So, what did you think of Granolah? What will be the character’s future in Dragon Ball Super? Do not forget to comment!

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