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As Jujutsu Kaisen continues its journey as one of the greatest hits of the moment in the anime world, one of the characters in the work has already been in favor of the fans since the beginning of the story: Satoru Gojo, the powerful and blindfolded sensei of the protagonists.

However, while you might think he will follow a similar path to other anime teachers, Gojo has already shown that it is good, much more than that. In fact, it is one of the pillars of the history of Jujutsu.

So, to dispel any doubt about the intriguing sensei of Jujutsu Kaisen, I decided to prepare this text. Spoilers for the anime, manga, and volume 0 below, watch out.

Put on your round sunglasses, grab a candy from the fridge and come with me!

Who is Satoru Gojo?

When Satoru said he could fight Sukuna, he wasn’t kidding.

Satoru Gojo is one of the main characters in Jujutsu Kaisen, serving as sensei to the protagonists and known as the most powerful jujutsu wizard alive. He appears in this position in both the main manga and the prelude, Volume 0, teaching two years at the Technical College of Witchcraft in Tokyo.

Gojo is a complex character, when his cursed magnanimous power is seen as an imbalance of natural forces. He continues as a jujutsu teacher with the intention of creating a generation of wizards who fight the “old ways” of the Council of Wizards and families of traditional witchcraft, paving the way for a curse-free society.

Where do Satoru Gojo’s powers come from?

The imbalance caused by Gojo’s powers may be responsible for the recent appearance of powerful curses.

As said, Satoru is so absurdly powerful that he is seen as a problem for the natural balance of the world. These skills come both from the fact that the boy is a prodigy in everything he has ever tried to do, and from the genetics of his Gojo clan.

In Jujutsu Kaisen Vol.0, Satoru reveals that his family comes from the lineage of one of the three Japanese revenge spirits, Michizane Sugawara. Furthermore, it is said that within the Gojo clan, the powers that Satoru dominates are passed down from generation to generation and have always been feared by those outside the clan – besides being very complex.

The main power of Gojo is Mukagen (Unlimited) which when upgraded generates what we have already seen in the Mugen (Infinite) anime. Additionally, he carries another hereditary ability that hasn’t been explored much yet: Rokugan, the Six Eyes. It is said that in order to reach the level of power he has with Mukagen, Satoru had to subdue Rokugan – but the information ends there.

How do Satoru Gojo’s powers work?

Mukagen and Rokugan are techniques inherited from the Gojo clan.

While we still don’t know how Rokugan works, we’ve seen Mukagen in action in the manga and anime before. Simply put, Satoru manages to manipulate the cursed energy of space at the atomic level. From this ability, therefore, all the other powers of the Gojo are born.

In the anime, we see him using Mugen in the battle against the game. By controlling space, Satoru creates an invisible barrier around him that prevents him from being hit. In fact, whoever attacks him will encounter “the infinite” between him and Satoru. This barrier does not prevent the enemy from attacking, but decreases his speed to an impossible level, when Gojo “permeates” an infinite space in the minimum distance remaining between him and the enemy hit. Complex, right?

In addition, we have already seen the territorial expansion of Satoru. Called “Infinite Void,” Gojo places the target in a space where he receives stimuli of all kinds, in his five senses, endlessly, essentially causing his brain to collapse due to overload. His mastery of the technique is at a higher level than any shown in the story, when he can activate it for just 0.2 seconds to preserve enemy life if needed.

It’s worth saying that Satoru’s skills where he moves at incomprehensible speed – and all the odd things you’ve seen him do – come from this special manipulation at extreme levels. In the manga, he showed variations in this area, controlling attraction and repulsion, emptiness and even all of those forces at the same time.

Why is Satoru Gojo using a sell?

He used blindfolds, blindfolds and glasses to hide his eyes.

Gojo doesn’t just use a blindfold; in Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 0 he wears white stripes instead and in the past he used round sunglasses. But why is that?

There is no official explanation for this yet, but it is likely to be related to the powers of Rokugan (Six Eyes). We see Gojo using his Mukagen skills still blindfolded, but he always removes the blindfold, blindfold, or goggles when he needs to be more “serious” in combat or use more advanced techniques.

The most widely accepted explanation at the moment is that the sale contains some of Gojo’s powers. In Vol. 0, this is made explicit at a time when he only lifts a single blindfold during battle. Why the containment is unknown.

What is the story of Satoru Gojo?

Gojo and Geto’s story ended in tragedy.

The manga has shown the history of the wizard a bit already and it’s quite intriguing. When Satoru was born, a sudden change in natural forces was felt and he has been feared, hunted and revered ever since. He is currently the last member of the Gojo clan alive.

Entered the Tokyo Technical College of Witchcraft, Gojo was mentored by Masamichi Yaga, the current director of the school. His classmates were Suguru Geto and Shoko Ieiri, in addition to Utahime and Mei Mei being his veterans – all characters previously featured in the anime.

Gojo was a troubled student because he was extremely narcissistic and forever wielded such devastating power. Geto became his best friend, and the two had a fight to protect people without cursed energy and how to extinguish the world’s curses. Until now, Satoru had not found any enemy to match his powers.

Everything changes in a special mission for Master Tengen, the greatest figure in the jujutsu wizarding world. As he is an immortal wizard, Tengen sends Geto and Gojo to seek his new receptacle and it is from there that Satoru begins to understand, question and confront the internal structures of the wizarding society.

In this mission, Gojo finds the first person capable of nearly killing him: Toji Fushiguro, Megumi’s father. Hired to eliminate Master Tengen’s receptacle, Toji, a human with no cursed energy, managed to defeat Satoru in his first battle, although he was defeated by Gojo later. Before dying, Fushiguro talks about Megumi, causing Satoru to go in search of the boy.

Some time later, Geto deserts the College and becomes a wanted, eliminating a village of non-wizards. Gojo is sent to eliminate him, but fails to kill his best friend.

The story of Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 0 begins sometime after this, with Gojo serving as a teacher at Tokyo College and fighting for Yuta Okkotsu not to receive the death penalty from the Council of Wizards – just as he will later. with Yuji. Satoru becomes Yuta’s sensei and places him in the classroom with Maki, Panda and Toge.

During Jujutsu Vol. 0, we see Geto declare war on the College and the non-wizarding world. After the battle with Yuta, Suguru is weak and tries to escape to get up when Gojo finds him. This time he gives the villain the final blow.

Kaisen jujutsu starts here.

Why has Satoru Gojo become a “wanted” in the manga?

Currently in the manga, it is considered a crime to try to free Satoru from the seal.

This is not as complex a question as it sounds. Gojo has always been seen as a threat by the Council of Wizards and has faced several bounty hunters throughout his life for the rewards given to him. He was only accepted into the world of jujutsu because no one could overcome him.

Additionally, the manga recently put Satoru in his most vulnerable state. During a plan of Geto and his cursed spirits, he was arrested in a place crowded with normal people and forced to fight curses there. As a result, a real massacre took place there.

Yet Satoru is now sealed in the “Mundo da Prisão” artifact, the result of events conceived by Geto. So even if he is recovered, this is the luck that the Council of Wizards has been waiting for: a time when Gojo can be eliminated or contained once and for all.

It should be remembered that with the events involving Yuta and Yuji – young people carrying immeasurable curses with them – Satoru has challenged and threatened the Council of Wizards more than once.

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