Adam Wingard from Godzilla vs. Kong, will direct a film based on the cartoon

Warner Bros. is developing a movie based on the classic ThunderCats cartoon. According to Deadline, the project already has a director attached: Adam Wingard, tasked with bringing Godzilla’s epic battle from theaters to theaters. Kong.

The ThunderCats movie will have a big budget and is expected to be a hybrid of animation and visual effects, produced by Dan Lin and Roy Lee, who also produced Death Note for Netflix.

Director of ‘Godzilla vs. Kong ‘Adam Wingard to direct ThunderCats movie

The cartoon released in 1985 focuses on a group of feline aliens who are forced to flee their home planet, Thundera. The ThunderCats are therefore an elite group tasked with saving the species.

The feature film directed by Adam Wingard will use the animated series as a starting point but, as of now, it hasn’t had many details revealed, like the start date or the name of the screenwriter involved.

So what do you expect from a big budget ThunderCats movie? Leave your comment!

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