Actor opens up about rumors he is the hero of Avengers Infinity War

Years ago, before the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, several rumors emerged that said we would see the Silver Surfer in the movie and that an actor was even hired for the role: Curt Clendenin, who played several small roles in Infiltrate on Klan, An Interview and Gilmore Girls. Now, three years after the rumors first broke, the actor has opened up about what happened.

In an interview with the comic book film, Clendenin spoke about the rumors, which at the time were denied by the film’s own directors, the Russo Brothers, and hinted that the information might indeed have a background of truth in them. He explained:

“I can’t say much about it. The Russo Brothers are very good at … how shall I put it? They also know how to leave Easter eggs and they like to have fun with it, you know? I can’t really say, it’s like, do you know how George Lucas deals with his sets? You audition for a movie called Blue Mountain, and it turns out it’s like, ‘No, surprise! It’s Star Wars’. So I must keep it a secret. I don’t know how to explain it any other way, but ideally time will answer. There’s a lot that isn’t shown, and we’re hearing about these new Marvel series coming out and we’re hearing about other side projects that the directors may or may not be working on ”.

Curt Clendenin

Clendenim then went on to say and imply that there might be a scene that might end up appearing on the internet.

“You never know what kind of interesting thing can happen. You always hear about how some pilots from certain series were filmed and things like that, and they never see the light of day. And then, years later, somebody ends up posting something on YouTube or Daily Motion or something that’s not very copyrighted, you know? So there are these sites that allow these things to escape. So let’s see what will happen in the future ”.

At no point in the interview does Clendenim say he played Silver Surfer, or recorded anything, but makes it very clear between the lines that something was actually filmed and, in the future, it can be revealed.

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