A new poster for the fifth season is released

Warning: spoiler alert!

Just over a month before the start of Season 5 of My Hero Academia, one of the most popular fighting shonen in the world today. And to highlight that, a new poster has been released showing the top budding heroes of the UA Academy classes, who will come together side by side in a new story arc.

Over the past Sunday, the official My Hero Academia (or Boku no Hero Academia, Japan) Twitter unveiled a new poster for the fifth season, which already prepares fans for what’s to come: a student-to-student training arc. of classes 1-A and 1-B, which will show the characters of the rival room in more depth and serve to further develop the apprentice heroes we already know.

In the poster, Midoriya, Bakugo, Todoroki and the others can be seen alongside Tetsutetsu, Monoma, Kendo and the other students. Check:

New My Hero Academia poster: rival classes will be side by side in future episodes

What does the anime director say?

In a new interview, translated on Twitter by a fan of the series, Yoshihiko Umakoshi, character designer and director of the anime, spoke a little about the fifth season and what fans can expect from the next episodes:

“Obviously you should be careful with Deku, but each student will have their own memorable moments. I wanted everyone to appear on the poster, but I couldn’t make it … looking at the poster made by [Kohei] Horikoshi-sensei, his feeling that he wanted everyone to be there was passed on to us. So we hope to be able to convey this to our audience. “

Umakoshi also said audiences would expect a move from the villains of the story as well:

“Please wait for the students in action during the joint A-B class training. Also wait and see the bad guys in action!”

What will the fifth season of My Hero Academia look like?

With the League of Villains becoming more and more powerful, with a resource capable of permanently nullifying individualities in their hands, the superhero community finds itself in big trouble. Midoriya, Iida, Uraraka and the other 1-A students will have great challenges to overcome and will have to work harder in their training. But they won’t be alone.

The new season will begin with another ‘training arc’, in which students in Class 1-A will have to form teams with Class 1-B, which has so far been little explored in the anime. In addition, the next episodes should also show the growing danger posed by the League of Villains, which is expected to adopt a new name: the Paranormal Liberation Front. If you follow the manga to the letter, we should see several episodes featuring only the villains and their leader, Tomura Shigaraki.

We’ll also learn more about Hawks, the # 2 hero in the ranking of the most powerful and popular, as well as what motivates Endeavor to be a worthy successor to All Might. Many surprises await fans in the next episodes! So, anxious?

Class 1-B: still little explored, they will have much more importance in the fifth year of the series

Also see everything about the fifth season of My Hero Academia below:

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