Korean promotion ROAD Fighting Championship has lined up lightweight title fight for its 39 show in May, whihc sees defending champion Kwon A-Sol take on middleweight Lee Dool-Hee in a grudge match at openweight.

The lightweight champion is no stranger to selling his fights with trash-talking his opponents and now he’s getting in even deeper as his year-long battle of words with middleweight Lee Dool-Hee has turned into a match.

Kwon is expected to rise up three weight classes to face Lee, who fights at middleweight. Both fighters say they weigh about 93 kilograms now, interesting enough which is the light heavyweight division.

Kwon’s ascension to the ROAD FC lightweight title has seen him polish and prove his striking skill in wars with consummate contender Kume Takasuke and long time rival Lee Kwang-Hee. While Lee’s record might not be as illustrious as Kwon’s, he has mixed it up with the best in the division, including going almost two rounds with former ROAD FC Middleweight Champion Riki Fukuda, and a commendable win over King of Pancrase Ryo Kawamura.